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The Desert of Tabernas (Almería) is the only desert in Europe. Situated between the Sierra de los Filabres and the Sierra de Alhamilla it is isolated from the humid winds of the Mediterranean Sea. Although nowadays it is one of the hottest locations of Europe millions of years ago this area was sea. Where the desert is now used to be a water basin that still can be seen if you visit this nature park. The lowest areas of the Tabernas basin is at about 400 meters above sea level and the average annual temperature is around 18 ºC. The average annual sunshine is about 3.000 hours with maximum temperatures in summer always surpassing 40 ºC in the shade. In the Tabernas Desert it only rains about 200 mm a year with only a 3rd part between May and October. This unique reserve of 280 km² is well worth visiting.

Film location

The great variaty in landscapes and the steady climate all year round make this area a perfect film location. Many directors found their way to the desert in Almería. One can do various trackings through the protected reserve passing all kinds of famous scenery, most of them with signs for more information. Those sign-posted tracks can be done best in wintertime where the guided tours with a 4×4 jeep is more suitable in the summer. Explore the desert and find out why this location is still very popular as a film set.


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