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IMG_3021Fort Bravo in Tabernas is one of the many theme parks in Almería.
Situated in the Tabernas Desert, at only 2 km from the village, it is well known as a film location.
Because of its similarities with the North American deserts like the Far West of the American West, northern Africa, the Arabian deserts and its lunar landscape this area served from 1950s and onwards for the shooting of many films and westerns. This is why the area became famous around the world. Nowadays film directors still come to the province of Almería to shoot films, commercials or video clips.

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I am an amateur photographer / image maker who likes to share the world through my lens. I started taking photos when I was about 12 years old. First I used the old Pentax camera of my dad and in 1995 I bought my first Minolta reflex camera. Now it's all digital and I am using Canon.

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